Winter Sailing

Winter Sailing 2019

Has your young sailor really enjoyed summer sailing...then why not continue during the rest of the year

Sailing throughout the year will allow your young sailor to not only expand their knowledge they gained during the summer, but also develop their physical and mental well-being. It also will start them on the road to competitive sailing with the goal of taking part in regattas both in Malta and abroad.

Winter Sailing Programme

The first winter term consists of 10 lessons commencing Saturday 28th September. The sessions are held every Saturday commencing at 09:00 and finishing at 13:00.

The price for this term of 10 sessions is €180.

Winter Sailing Application Form

If you wish for your young sailor to continue sailing, please fill in the form below and we then look forward to seeing you on Saturday 28th September at 09:00.

Sailors Information

Parent Information

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The Code of Conduct can be downloaded and viewed by clicking this link

The Disclaimer can be downloaded and viewed by clicking this link


You may pay for the course either using your credit card by clicking the Pay Now button above or using money transfer to MYSC's bank account via IBAN: MT90VALL22013000000040025176487