Winter Sailing

Winter Sailing

Continuation Course for Summer Sailors
If your young sailor has completed our summer sailing course, they now have all the basic and prerequisite knowledge for moving forward and starting on the path to competitive sailing. The continuation of sailing throughout the rest of the year will allow your young sailor to not only expand their knowledge they gained during the summer, but also develop their physical and mental well-being. The course expands on what they have learnt so far, focusing on techniques which will assist them in increasing skills and confidence with the goal of taking part in regattas both in Malta and abroad.
Winter Sailing Programme
The first term will consists of 10 lessons held every Sunday, concluding in early December. The session is generally from 09:00 till 13:00, however we may split the class into several groups depending upon numbers.

The price for this term of 10 sessions is €180.

Summer Sailing Continuation Application

If you wish for your young sailor to continue sailing, please fill in the form below .

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    The Code of Conduct can be downloaded and viewed by clicking this link

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    You will receive an invoice for the course once your young sailor commences.