Summer Sailing

Summer Sailing 2019

Teach your child the fun sport of sailing

There are many things your child can do during the summer months. Sailing is a sport that is not only fun, but provides your child with many lifelong skills that helps their holistic development.

At Malta Young Sailors Club, for nearly 30 years we have focused on teaching sailing to children. This gives us unparalleled experience in ensuring your child has the best level of teaching in a fun and safe environment.

Malta Young Sailors offers a variety of summer sailing programs for children of different skill levels. Whether a beginner or advanced sailor, summer sailing is not just for keeping them occupied. Summer sailing will fuel your child's interest in sailing.

The benefits of sailing

Making the decision to enroll your child in our summer sailing program at MYSC can be great for both their physical and mental well-being. A few of the many benefits of sailing are:

  • responsibility and respect for the environment;
  • water safety: how to avoid collisions
  • character education: sailing requires perseverance and following rules;
  • learn teamwork;
  • self-esteem and confidence by piloting their own craft;
  • spatial awareness;
  • physical coordination;
  • important habits: children learn how to keep their boat tidy, how to properly rig and unrig a boat, how to put things away in the right place;

Available Courses

Summer sailing courses fcommence on Monday 1st July to Friday 9th August (12 sessions of 4 hours each) and after a short break from 12th August to 18th August, the courses recommence on Monday 19th August to Friday 6th September (6 sessions of 4 hours each). The total cost of the 18 sessions course for Beginners, Advanced and Group C is EUR360.

Beginners Courses

We have four beginners courses where you can select the course which fits best into you and your child's schedule:

Group 1 ***FULLY BOOKED***
Every Monday and Thursday morning from 0900 – 1300

Group 2
Every Monday afternoon from 1415 – 1815 & Wednesday morning from 0900 – 1300

Group 3 ***FULLY BOOKED***
Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1415 - 1815

Group 4 ***FULLY BOOKED***
Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 1415 - 1815


Advanced Course

The intermediate courses are offered to those who have a basic knowledge of sailing and have attended the beginner summer sailing course in at least one previous year:

Group 1 ***FULLY BOOKED***
Every Tuesday and Friday morning from 0900 – 1300


Racing Group

We also have racing groups for those sailors who attend MYSC's winter sailing lessons and these follow the same group's that the sailor is currently part of.

Group A & B
Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday 09.00 – 16.00

Group C
Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon from 1415 – 1815

Every Wednesday afternoon from 1415 – 1815 and Saturday  09.00 – 16.00


Windsurfing lessons commence on Thursday 4th July and are every Thursday from 09:30 till 13:00. There are 9 lessons in total, the course finishing Thursday 5th September with a one week break covering the lesson on Thursday 18th August.

Other Details & How to Join

We provide everything...just bring your young sailor

MYSC will supply all the necessary equipment required including sailing boats and life jackets.

The children are asked to wear a UV top, cap, and sun block. No flip flops are permitted and we suggest they wear non-slippery rubber shoes.

A bottle of water and a small snack is also recommended.

Come and try before you sign up at our Open Day

MYSC will be holding an Open Day on 5th May from 11am onwards. Come down and your child can have a go in a sailing boat, enjoy a snack and drink at our BBQ, learn more from our instructors as well as sign up for the courses that suit you.

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    Sailing Course

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    MYSC Location


    MYSC is located at Sqaq tax-Xama', St Paul's Bay. Click here for Google Maps Location